Sri Lanka's Ambassador in Ankara Mr.

Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Turkey Mr.

The steps to be taken to develop bilateral trade between Eskişehir and Malta and the opportunities Malta offers to investors were evaluated at the meeting held by ECC President Metin Güler and Malta's Ambassador to Ankara Theresa Cutajar.

A roadmap is drawn for the Software and R&D Cluster which is the Eskişehir's most important initiative on digitalization.

The second Marriage, Decoration, Cosmetics and Personal Care fair which is hosted by the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce TÜYAP Fair Center  started with a ceremony attended by the protocol and business community.

Palestine-Turkish Businessmen Association Vice President Emcet Saidoğlu and his accompanying delegation were the guests of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce to get information about the investment climate and opportunities in Eskişehir.

Second food fair started at Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce TÜYAP Fair Center.

At the meeting of ETO President Metin Güler with Portugal's Ambassador to Ankara Paula Leal da Silva, the steps to be taken to improve bilateral trade were evaluated.

ECC President Metin Güler met with Kurbanychbek Omuraliev, the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Ankara and evaluated what needs to be done to improve mutual trade.

The 2nd TÜYAP Eskişehir Book Fair opened its doors with a ceremony.

ECC Vice President Mr.

The Bulgarian-Turkish Businessmen Association who came to our city within the scope of Eskişehir Construction Fair, held B2B meetings with 115 companies and formed a basis for cooperation.

Eskişehir Construction Fair was opened with a ceremony attended by the protocol and business world.

Presindent of ECC Mr.

The Japanese government's coalition partner, Komeito Party Chairman Natsuo Yamaguchi and the accompanying delegation came together with the business world of Eskişehir at the meeting held in cooperation with ETO and ESO and consulted on cooperation and investment opportunities.

ECC President Mr.

Canada's Ambassador Chris Cooter who in charge of Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, visited the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce to evaluate mutual commercial activities.

Denmark's Ambassador to Ankara Mr.

ECC President Mr.

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, Bulgarian-Turkish Businessmen Association and Eskişehir Rumelia Business People Association came together to evaluate the steps to be taken to improve mutual trade.

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