Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Turkey Mr. Victor V. Rybak, Counselor and Trade Representative Ruslan Kizeleviç were guest in Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce to evaluate mutual trade.

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Metin Güler stated that Eskişehir is an important industrial, trade and tourism city hosting small, medium and large industrial enterprises. Stating that the industry is diversifying in Eskişehir, Güler said that the machinery, metal and food industry constitutes 72% of the total industrial production, as well as important investments in the fields of ceramics and textiles. He pointed out that the trade in Eskişehir is developing day by day and as an indicator of this, he stated that the number of companies registered with Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce in 1985 was 3.889 today this number is approaching 17.000.

Güler said that; there are social and cultural relations between Belarus and Turkey for 28 years and we wanted to add to this economic relationships. He stated that there are more than 50 Turkish companies investing in Belarus and stated that companies from Eskişehir can also do business with Belarus. He pointed out that there are companies with great potential in Eskişehir and said that we are ready to for cooperation as ECC.

Ambassador Victor V. Rybak stated that he liked Eskişehir very much and pointed out that Eskişehir has the potential to cooperate economically and culturally. Mr. Rybak stated that until this day Belarus never had any problems with Turkey and we want to develop the economic relationship between the two countries like friendly reletionships. He stating that Eskişehir business people can easily do business in Belarus, they would be happy to support Eskişehir business people.

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