Sri Lanka's Ambassador in Ankara Mr.Mohamed Rizvi Hassen and trade undersecretary Yoshitha Jayasuriya were a guest at the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce. At the meeting, steps to be taken to improve mutual trade were discussed.

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Metin Güler stated that they made the first contact with Sri Lanka as a chamber and expressed that they see this meeting as a step taken for the development of commercial ties between Eskişehir and Sri Lanka. Güler stating that Eskişehir is a city that produces advanced technology, he underlined that global companies can easily do business with companies in Sri Lanka. He stated that Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce is in cooperation with the chambers of commerce and industry of 23 countries and ECC has visa facilitation agreements with Italy, France and Hungary. Güler expressed that ECC could lead the way to bring together the business community of Eskişehir and business people in Sri Lanka. He stated that it is possible to build a trade bridge where both sides will win and Eskişehir business people are ready to develop mutual trade between two countries.

Ambassador Mr. Mohamed Rizvi Hassen stated that the cultures of the two countries are similar and this similarity can be turned into an opportunity. He stated that the reason for the low trade volume between the two countries is the two countries do not know each other well; for this reason, he said that they visited cities and chambers and tried to create a basis for business partnerships. Hassen stating that the Sri Lankan economy is predominantly based on agriculture but they can made cooperation in many sectors where Eskişehir is the leader. He stated that Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce could also sign a cooperation agreement with Sri Lanka National Chamber of Commerce. He stated that they can bring the business community together with online meeting to see business potential and he would be happy to mediate to strengthen the bond between Eskişehir and Sri Lanka.

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