At the meeting of ETO President Metin Güler with Portugal's Ambassador to Ankara Paula Leal da Silva, the steps to be taken to improve bilateral trade were evaluated.


ECC President Mr. Metin Güler said that the trade volume between Eskişehir and Portugal is very low and the way to increase trade mutually is through one-on-one contact. He stated that they can identify the sectors that can cooperate and take steps in this direction, bringing together the business community of both sides and forming a basis for cooperation. He stated that Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce signed a visa facilitation protocol with the embassies of France, Italy and Hungary, and by this means, they enabled nearly 3000 members and employees to obtain their commercial visas. He added that they would be pleased to sign a visa facility protocol with Portugal.


Paula Leal da Silva, Portuguese Ambassador to Ankara stated that he met with institutions and organizations for the first time in Eskişehir and stated that they plan to increase contacts in the coming period. She expressed that she can support to hold joint meetings both in Portugal and Eskişehir to improve the trade volume. She added that Eskişehir is a city prepared for the future with its university, industry and well-trained resources and that they are ready to take concrete steps for cooperation.

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