The Japanese government's coalition partner, Komeito Party Chairman Natsuo Yamaguchi and the accompanying delegation came together with the business world of Eskişehir at the meeting held in cooperation with ETO and ESO and consulted on cooperation and investment opportunities.

Presidents of ECC, ECI and EOIZ and board members attended the meeting held for mutual economic relations and investments that can be made in Eskişehir. 

ECC President Mr. Metin Güler stating that 20% of Eskişehir's exports are made up of aviation and high-tech industrial products,  that the city has a say in white goods sub-industry, building elements, machinery and food. He stated that Eskişehir exports 2.3 billion dollars to many countries of the world, but economic relations with Japan are not at the desired level. "There are many areas that we increase our mutual trade and cooperation. He saidJapan has numerous investments in Turkey, we would like to invest in areas that require automotive and high-tech in Eskişehir. We are also ready to cooperate in the fields of industry, education, culture and R&D."


ECI President Mr. Celalettin Kesikbaş stating that Eskişehir is a complete investment city, that the city has a great potential with its industrial infrastructure and human resources. He said " Our main goal is to establish much bigger business bridges with Japan. In addition, we want to work together on education, culture, research and development. As Eskişehir, we are ready for all kinds of cooperation". 

Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone President Nadir Küpeli said that "We provide all kinds of opportunities to foreign investors in our Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone. Eskişehir is the center of the road and railroad and extremely suitable for investment. More than 42 thousand people work in our organized industrial zone. Our OIZ provides all services, especially energy by itself."


Komeito Party Chairman Natsuo Yamaguchi stated that he was happy to meet with the business world in Eskişehir which is the industrial city of Turkey. He stating that they came to Eskişehir for the first time and their visits and contacts will contribute to the development of mutual economic and cultural relations. He also stated that  Eskişehir is a center of attraction as a cultural and tourism not only as an industry.He stated that they are ready to support the development of their cooperation with Eskişehir.


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