Canada's Ambassador Chris Cooter who in charge of Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, visited the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce to evaluate mutual commercial activities. 

ECC Vice President Mr.Ali Koşar stated that Eskişehir's economy has come to the forefront in rail systems, aviation, ceramics, machinery manufacturing and mining, and stated that the tourism and service sector has also gained momentum in recent years. He said that Eskişehir's total exports are approaching 2.5 billion dollars and their goal is to increase Eskişehir's exports by reaching non-trade countries. He stated that although Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world, the mutual trade between Eskişehir and Canada is not at the desired level and Turkish business people have difficulty in trading due to the high tax rates in Canada. He added that "we have invested in the development of congress and fair tourism in Eskişehir, our priority is to sign national and then international congress and fair organizations, and we are ready to cooperate with Canada in this framework."


Ambassador Chris Cooter stating that "we are planning a visit to get to know Eskişehir's economy and the institutions and organizations that direct the city and to create a basis for cooperation, we hope the strengthened relations will be reflected in mutual trade." He stating that the "Canadian economy stands out in the agriculture, industry and informatics sector, we will be pleased to cooperate in these areas." He stated that "we are aware of Eskişehir's commercial and industrial potential, one of the world's largest rail system manufacturers Bombardier and MDS intend to cooperate with Eskişehir."

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