New building of ETO


Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO), established as “COMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE”, reorganized as “Chamber of Commerce and Industry” with Chambers of Commerce Regulation dated 31.05.1910. Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce incorporated in accordance with the provisions of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Law dated 27.08.1925 and numbered 655, reorganized in accordance with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Artisans and Commodity Exchanges dated 11.01.1943 and numbered 4355. Upon the decision that the services would be carried out by a different organization having legal entity, Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce operating as Chamber of Commerce and Industry assumed the title of Chamber of Commerce after the industrialists established a separate Chamber in 1968. 



Previous building of ETO


As Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce was occupied by the enemies between 1921-1922 and all the books and documents of the Chamber were destroyed by occupation forces, it has not been possible to give information about the works of the Chamber. Pursuant to the establishment, the Board of directors, composed of Bayraktarzade Ali Ulvi Bey, Çıkıllızade Hafız Osman Bey, Hafız İdris Bey, Şahabettin Bey, Hacı Çakırzade Süleyman Bey, Mehmet Şükrü Bey, Hacı Habibullah Bey, Mehmet Kazım Bey ve Hacı Hafız Ömer Fevzi Bey, was reformed. Eskisehir which is freed from enemy occupation in 2 September 1922, made some elections in the Chamber in the transition period of republic and Ali Ulvi Bayraktar became the President of the Board of Directors. Thus the Chamber which has been closed in the occupation period, was reorganized and made functional. A new period has started with the Law of Chamber of Commerce and Industry numbered 655 which was accepted in 27 September 1925 and entered into force in the early 1926. With this law the Chambers of Commerce and Industry took legal entity, traders and industrialists were obliged to register in the Chambers. One feature of this law is that it enabled the Chambers to take a regional identity instead of local identity. The Chamber operating under the title of "Chamber of Commerce and Industry", formed a separate Chamber of Industry with the request of industrialist members, approval of the Chamber and permission of the Ministry of Commerce in 1968. After the industrialists separated from the Chamber and established the Chamber of Industry, the title of our Chamber was changed as “CHAMBER OF COMMERCE”.

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