What is ATA Carnet? 

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows the holder to temporarily (up to one year) import goods without any document between the contracting countries within the scope of international Temporary Import Contract (Istanbul Contract in short) and its Appendixes. 
ATA System is carried out through guarantor institutions stated to be appointed officially in their own country under the coordination of Worldwide Chambers Federation (WCF) and Worldwide ATA Council (WATAC) within the body of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). 

What is it used for? 

International ATA System is formed for the benefit of the parties making temporary import transactions such as customs offices, persons, institutions and associations. There is no need to make any other transaction neither by customs nor importers during the import transactions for all goods coming with an ATA Carnet guaranteed internationally. ATA Carnets which can be arranged by the carnet holder can be controlled by the customs easily. All these factors help to shorten the transmission period from the customs both for the import and export of the goods coming with ATA Carnet. In addition to these, the system enables the ATA carnet holders to make more than one temporary import to the contracting countries with an ATA carnet within the valid period of the carnet (the carnet is valid for one year after the arrangement of the carnet). 
ATA Carnets arranged within the framework of the provisions stated in Istanbul Contract Appendix A are used with other purposes stated in other appendixes. Appendixes; 
Appendix B1 - Appendix Concerning the Object which will be Exhibited or Used in Exhibit, Fair, Meeting and Similar Activities 
Appendix B2 – Appendix Concerning the Professional Material 
Appendix B3 – Appendix Concerning the Other Imported Object in Relation with Containers, Pallets, Packages, Samples and Commercial Transaction 
Appendix B4 – Appendix Concerning the Object Imported for Import 
Appendix B5 – Appendix Concerning Object Imported for Educational, Scientific or Cultural Purposes 
Appendix B6 – Appendix Concerning Objects for Passengers and Sportive Purposes 
Appendix B7 – Appendix Concerning Touristic Presentation Materials 
Appendix B8 – Appendix Concerning Objects Imported within Frontier Trade 
Appendix B9 – Appendix Concerning Objects Imported for Humanistic Purposes 
Appendix D – Appendix Concerning Animals, inventory which may be composed within the mentioned Appendixes and conditions that this object should bear are explained separately. 

How is it received? 
Application: In order for any person or institution to use ATA Carnet, previous approval of it is necessary. Every person or institution wanting to use ATA Carnet can receive it by making an application to one of the authorized Chambers of carnet issuance with a petition to which the a packing list containing the nature of the would be exported goods, brand (if exists) and numbers, weight, quantity and value, and on the condition that the suitable guarantee is submitted to the Chamber. Guarantee: As guarantee against ATA Carnets;»Cash (Turkish Liras or Foreign Currency) »Bank Letter of Guarantee (Turkish Liras or Foreign Currency It is compulsory to write “Object Covered by ATA Carnet” statement to the subject part of the guarantee letter.) »State Bond (With dividend stamp) »Treasury bond (With dividend stamp) accepted. If the guarantee is given as foreign currency, it is taken as total value of object covered by the carnet. If the guarantee is given as TL, it is taken as 50% of the total value of object covered by the carnet. If the guarantee is given as foreign currency for object which is GTİP 71.13, 71.08 and 71.06 transported to USA, Australia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Korea and European Union countries, it is taken as 40% of the total value of the object covered by the carnet. 
ABD, Avustralya, Çek Cumhuriyeti, İsviçre, Japonya, Kanada, Kore ve Avrupa Birliği ülkelerine götürülecek, GTİP 71.13, 71.08 ve 71.06 olan eşya için döviz bazında verildiği takdirde, karne kapsamı eşyanın toplam değerinin %40'ı oranında teminat alınacaktır.

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